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Organic Buckwheat husk pillow

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This pillow is filled with certified organic buckwheat husks.

Buckwheat husks are a natural re-radiator and protect against the harmful effects of:

– electromagnetic waves
– water veins radiation
– electrical devices radiation (from computers, TVs, etc).

Compounds contained in buckwheat husk inhibit the development of acarina, mites and micro-organisms, which makes it beneficial for people with allergies.

Sleeping on an organic pillow with buckwheat hulls can benefit you quickly. Your mood will most likely improve, and pain or tension will reduce or be eliminated completely. The buckwheat husks adjust to the shape of your body with ease. Your head and neck will be properly supported while sleeping, which is important in part because spinal misalignment can affect how your internal organs work. Contact with buckwheat husks can release tension in the spine and improve the flow of spinal fluids.

buckwheat husk pillow

buckwheat husk pillow

After sleeping on a buckwheat pillow, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed. It’s also suitable for meditation therapy.

Moving freely, the husks gently massage the whole body, improving blood circulation.
This pillow is also a great solution for people with fever, night sweats and hyperactivity – it maintains a constant temperature and doesn’t heat up excessively.

A buckwheat pillow is perfect for:

– spinal disorders, discopathies, rheumatic pain, neck or headache
– sleep disorders, nervousness, hyperactivity, fears and anxieties
– protection from harmful radiation and electromagnetic waves
– sweating, because it helps to regulate body temperature, and provides a cooling effect

It’s ideal for sleeping on at night, or relaxation during the day (for example while watching your favorite program on TV) if you put it under your spine while sitting. We recommend organic buckwheat husk pillows for kids because of the calming effect.

buckwheat husk pillow

buckwheat husk pillow

This product is made in Poland with certified organic buckwheat husk and a GOTS plus OEKO Tex Standard 100 organic cotton cover. There is absolutely no chemical odor, no hamrful chemicals added.

If you’re too sensitive to sleep on a hard surface, and feel any small bumps or irregularities, you can remove some of the buckwheat.

The high quality of the organic buckwheat hulls and cover ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your pillow for many years to come.

Eco health lab also offers organic buckwheat husk pillows with herbs such as thyme, lavender, that add additional healing properties to buckwheat. Find out more about our unique organic pillows.

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1 review for Organic Buckwheat husk pillow

  1. Sabrina Wolby

    This pillow is amazing. It regulates the temperature of my head on the pillow. Synthetic fabrics hold in heat and don’t let my head breathe so I don’t care for them.
    It is fairly heavy but that is not a problem.
    I really like that I can add some buckwheat or take some away as needed. The organic cotton case is such high quality.
    It contours beautifully to my head and neck.
    Love it !

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