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“Cure the Incurable” prof. Mikhail Tombak

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Nature has cures for all diseases and gives you no side effects. In “Cure the Incurable” by professor Mikhail Tombak (the author) gives away successful alternative treatments of diseases, even those described by traditional medicine as incurable.

A very common disease these days: Osteoporosis, is simply put- calcium deficiency in the bones. Conventional medicine refers to it as an incurable with a genetic component.

Cancer, seen by conventional medicine as a problem requiring chemiotherapy, and other serious treatments, emerges in fact when the immune system is weekend. The book “Cure the incurable” suggests remedies which are based on successful therapies of the disease by well know naturopaths of our time. You will also find an interesting theory on the origin of cancer.

The health of your spine reflects on the condition of your entire body. Here, read about the successful spine treatments and cures.

cure the incurable

cure the incurable

Diabetes is often the result of a severe psychological stress. It may happen to those with weak liver or intestine disorders. According to the professor Tombak, people with diabetes who don’t receive insulin shots, have a better chance against the disease.

The book gives you therapies against many other afflictions. “Cure the Incurable” is Mikhail Tombak’s second book in English language, following “Can We Live 150”, which you can find in our store as well.

Polish version of the book became a bestseller, with over 1 million copies sold. Translated into several foreign languages.


Professor Tombak said about himself:

When they ask me why I do not like to talk about my successes, I have one answer: To praise yourself is nothing special, the most important thing is how other people evaluate you. Only they can truly tell about their experiences and greater health. If what they’re writing about would not work, people would not buy my books. And for five years in all rankings, my books have been among the best-sellers. More and more people understand my health philosophy. They believed in my methods, they tried them on their own body, and saw that you can change your health using simple but very effective methods. They tell their relatives and friends about their health successes, and so the chain of supporters and lovers of natural healing methods develops. My role is only that in a simple and emphatic way I make people aware that no one can be smarter than nature.”

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