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“Can We Live 150 Years” Mikhail Tombak

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“Can we live 150 years? Your body maintenance handbook” by Mikhail Tombak is a groundbreaking book for those interested in health and youth.

It contains hundreds of diets, techniques, recipes, and cures to help you apply the healthy changes to your life. Professor Tombak shares the results of his extended research in the field of human health. His approach is wholistic. We are complex human beings, and all our organs are interconnected. If one hurts, the entire system may be at risk. In the book you will find detailed descriptions of human organs and how to stay healthy in our harsh reality. The recipes are easy to prepare and have been proven to work by thousands of people.

can we live 150 years

can we live 150 years

I own all of professor Tombak books, and I am preparing to go his healing centre in October this year, to do deep liver detox.

The book is a great source of information for anyone passionate about natural homeopathic healing, detox and longevity. Healthy breathing, structured water, scars and wrinkles. This book will help you deal with many issues.

“Can we live 150 years” is a great book for a person who enjoys learning about the body, how it truly operates.

An international bestseller for over 15 years. One of the most profound conclusions from this book is expressed very simply: health is in your hands. What’s more, the book helps you apply the non-invasive treatment at home, using natural, accessible ingredients, without the chemical additions so popular today. He offers you his very effective natural detox techniques. They are based on the thousand-year traditions originating from natural medicine of the East and the West.

Professor Tombak said about himself:

When they ask me why I do not like to talk about my successes, I have one answer: To praise yourself is nothing special, the most important thing is how other people evaluate you. Only they can truly tell about their experiences and greater health. If what they’re writing about would not work, people would not buy my books. And for five years in all rankings, my books have been among the best-sellers. More and more people understand my health philosophy. They believed in my methods, they tried them on their own body, and saw that you can change your health using simple but very effective methods. They tell their relatives and friends about their health successes, and so the chain of supporters and lovers of natural healing methods develops. My role is only that in a simple and emphatic way I make people aware that no one can be smarter than nature.”

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