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Organic Body Pillow

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Organic Body Pillow, made of GOTS certified organic cotton, filled with certified organic truly beautiful spelt hulls. The pillow is light and free from any chemical substances. It is lead free, phthalate free, latex free, BPA free. Hand made and hand filled. The organic spelt hulls used for filling comes from a farmer, who grows spelt for over 20 years without using chemicals or fertilizers. It is the best spelt hulls we have seen.

Both the fabrics and filling have been tested by hyper sensitive to chemicals persons, who later described the products are free from any harmful substances.

The organic body pillow is firm and soft.

Complete with removable/washable cover, made from either organic cotton or organic linen. The extra long width is the perfect solution for total back or tummy; and it depends on how you choose to snuggle up. Helps provide support for neutral positioning, each and every night.

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Weight 10300 g
Dimensions 1290 × 440 × 160 cm
Outer Pillow Cover

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1 review for Organic Body Pillow

  1. Danny

    The Eco Health Lab worked patiently with me to provide me with the beautiful spelt body pillows I needed to alleviate various issues and help me get a good night’s sleep. After an injury, a physical therapist introduced me to side sleeping, using a body pillow. I found that I needed two, so that when I turn over during the night, I wouldn’t have the bother of moving the pillow from one side of the bed to the other and rearranging my blankets, etc. Even so, the conventional body pillows I was using did not give the support I needed, and I am not in favor of using artificial materials as found in the conventional American bedding products. I am very happy to have these beautiful body pillows from Eco Health Lab. The materials used are the finest quality, healthful for the person and not harmful for the earth. The customer service of the Eco Health Lab is the greatest! Martyna was considerate and truly caring of me throughout the process of providing me with just what I need. I am most grateful!

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