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Organic Buckwheat hulls mattress with lemon balm

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100% organic buckwheat hulls mattress with lemon balm (sometimes called buckwheat husk mattress) is highly appreciated for its firmness, ecological materials and longevity. NOW, you can sleep on an even more relaxing and healing natural mattress: we offer the famous organic buckwheat mattress with dry lemon balm!

Health Benefits of the Organic Buckwheat Hulls Mattress with dry Lemon Balm

Buckwheat husk is a natural re-radiator (we need to prove it), protects against the harmful effects of:

– water veins radiation
– electromagnetic waves
– electrical devices radiation (from computers, laptops, smartphones, TVs, etc).

Lemon balm is a famous herb, known for its calming, relaxing abilities. It is organic, and 100% healthy.

Organic cotton fabrics, GOTS certified, OEKO tex standard 100 certified, undyed, unbleached. Completely free from any harmful chemicals, pesticides, insecticites. Healthy for human skin, internal organs and the environment.


organic buckwheat mattress with lemon balm

organic buckwheat mattress with lemon balm


Compounds contained in buckwheat hulls inhibit the development of micro-organisms, acarina and mites which makes it beneficial for people suffering from allergies.

Sleeping on a natural organic mattress with a organic buckwheat husk filling with dry lemon balm, can benefit you quickly. The natural hard surface, filling of the mattress support your spine. And if your spine is given proper support at night, your entire body benefits, as each vertebrae connects your brain with your specific internal organ. The health of your spine is directly linked to your health and longevity.


vertebral column and disease

vertebral column and disease

Your mood will most likely improve, and pain or tension will reduce or be eliminated completely. The buckwheat husk adjusts to the shape of your body with ease. Your head and neck will be properly supported while sleeping, which is important in part because spinal misalignment can affect how your internal organs work. Contact with buckwheat husk can release tension in the spine and improve the flow of spinal fluids. Many of the todays problems with health people experience are connected to the previous problems with the spine.

Organic buckwheat hulls mattress with dry lemon balm made by EcoHealthLab is filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls, grown and produced organically in Poland. The cover of the natural mattress is made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. We offer white organic cotton or natural (undyed, unbleached).

The mattress is beautiful, easy to use and roll up. It soothes back and neck pain, relaxes and helps heal problems with health. (At the same time, if you experience serious health problems, please note, that the natural mattress helps cure your body, but will most likely not replace a doctor or a chiropractic).


After sleeping on a buckwheat mattress you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed. It’s also suitable for meditation therapy. Moving freely, buckwheat husk will gently massage the whole body, improving blood circulation. This mattress is also a great solution for people with fever, night sweats and hyperactivity – it maintains a constant temperature and doesn’t heat up excessively.

The organic buckwheat hulls mattress with lemon balm helps cure:

– spinal disorders, discopathies, rheumatic pain, neck or headache
– sleep disorders, nervousness, hyperactivity, fears and anxieties
– protection from harmful radiation and electromagnetic waves
– sweating, because it helps to regulate body temperature, and provides a cooling effect

It’s ideal for sleeping at night, and relaxation during the day (for example while watching your favorite program on TV). Its shape and delicate smell of lemon balm will help you find the state of internal peace.


buckwheat hull mattress

organic buckwheat hulls mattress

What Our Organic Buckwheat Hulls Mattress with Lemon Balm is made of

Handmade in Poland of buckwheat husks (a hypoallergenic byproduct of buckwheat used for food consumption) mixed with dry lemon balm and cotton, our roll-able mattress is as firmly stuffed with buckwheat as possible.

High quality zippers allow you to remove or add buckwheat husk to fit your personal level of comfort and smooth out irregularities. The filling of the organic buckwheat hulls mattress can’t move from one chamber to the other.

There is absolutely no chemical odor, or any other smell. Every component has been carefully inspected.

The high quality of the buckwheat hulls and cover ensure that this mattress will last for many years to come.


80 cm x 200 cm (31 ½ in x 78 ¾ in), and 5 cm (2 in) thick
90 cm x 200 cm (35 7/16 in x 78 ¾ in), and 5 cm (2 in) thick
100 cm x 200 cm (39 3/8 in x 78 ¾ in), and 5 cm (2 in) thick

Twin XL 96,5 cm x 203 cm (38 in x 80 in) and 5 cm (2 in) thick

Full (Double) 137 cm x 191 cm (54 in x 75 in) and 5 cm (2 in) thick (weight around 30 kilograms, shipped in two separate packages)


Weight: 18kg to 20kg (35.75 lbs)

Our buckwheat hulls mattress is made of the highest quality GOTS certified, 100% organic cotton!

organic buckwheat hulls mattress

organic buckwheat hulls mattress

Custom mattress’ sizes

We can make the organic buckwheat hulls mattress which has different dimensions. Contact us if you are interested in having a custom made mattress.

Organic buckwheat mattress by EcoHealthLAB, filmed by "Wood Tender", an American high end furniture producer

The characteristics of the organic buckwheat mattress with dry lemon balm

organic buckwheat hull mattress
organic cotton buckwheat hull mattress

Therapeutic shape

The organic orthopedic buckwheat mattress with dry lemon balm is specifically designed to help your spine, whether you sleep on your back, front or you are a side sleeper. It is made of tubes, filled with healthy anti-allergic buckwheat hulls mixed with dry lemon balm. The surface is hard, to properly support your spine, but if you prefer a softer mattresses, we can remove some of the hulls with ease.

Organic cotton label

Organic Cotton

Our products, when created out of organic cotton, are chemicals safe. We use only the highest quality fabrics, purchased from a well respected and trusted organic fabrics store in Germany, Europe. The organic cotton we use is soft yet strong and durable.

GOTS Cetificate
GOTS Cetificate

GOTS certification

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the globally recognized certificate, saying that the fabrics are free from harmful chemicals, ensure the organic composition of the fabrics from the stage of planting, harvesting, manufacturing and labelling.

buckwheat husk filling
buckwheat husk filling

Organic Buckwheat Hulls

To fill our products, we use certified organic buckwheat hulls, grown and produced in a rural area of Poland. We purchase the hulls and then store them, until they are ready to be used as a buckwheat filling. Our hulls are fresh, and healthy, have a very delicate natural scent.

lemon balm pillow
lemon balm pillow

Organic Dry Lemon Balm

To strengthen the healing effect of the organic mattraess, we mix the organic buckweaht filling with dry lemon balm leaves. Our lemon balm dry leaves are healthy, have a very delicate natural scent. Lemon balm herb has a calming effect, and can help heal sleep problems, depression, anxiety, and restlessness.

organic handmade products
handmade products


Our organic mattresses are handmade in Poland, by a highly qualified seamstres and hand filled with organic buckwheat hulls, at our warehouse. The buckwheat hulls are prepared by hand as well, by a local farmer and his family. Each natural mattress is unique, and prepared with the utmost care.

organic buckwheat hull mattress

Outstanding Quality

Our organic buckwheat hulls mattress with dry lemon balm, made of the GOTS certified organic fabrics, organic hulls, is always prepared just a few days before being shipped to you. Hand made by the highly skilled craftsmen, the mattresses and pillows loved by our customers, for the quality, healing properties, and longevity.

buckwheat hull mattress
buckwheat hull mattress

Use it as you wish

Our organic eco friendly mattresses, can be used as a

  1. normal bed, placed on a bed frame (purchase the bed frame from Amazon- ask us about the recommendation),
  2. placed on top of a regular bed, treated as a topper, for example because the regular bed isn’t comfortable
  3. placed on a floor, if you like to sleep on a floor
  4. it can be rolled up during the day, if you need more space in the room
  5. just take it with you to a garden, and lie in the sun, relaxing and inhaling the soothing, delicate, wonderful smell of lemon balm

What people are saying about us...

I bought the buckwheat hull mattress and the neck bolster from  My back feels very supported by the mattress, unlike a regular spring mattress where it feels like it is sinking and unsupported.  Love the bolster, allows my whole body to lie correctly and supports my neck.  The mattress rolls up easily so is nice and simple to use which I really like. Got a lavender buckwheat pillow as an extra gift and it has a beautiful relaxing smell, especially for sleeping.  Martyna at eco health lab was very helpful with the order. I will buy from the website again.   Emma, Co. Louth, Ireland


I am so happy with my mattress and pillows ! Thank you ECOHEALTHLAB (Martyna), Your customer service is excellent, amazing. I am so grateful that you communicated so quickly with us and helped us understand our options so articulately. All of the fabrics you use, the linen, the organic cotton are beautiful. Such high quality.
The mattress immediately made my back feel better. Especially my lower back. My body is completely supported. It’s comfortable on so many levels that it’s challenging to describe. The buckwheat pillow supports my head and neck. It feels like there is air under my head. (other buckwheat pillows have felt kind of like a brick – but yours does not) I also love that it does not trap the heat from my head.

UPS shipping made the shipment of the products a breeze. Just like ordering from somewhere in the States. I’m thankful beyond words for a chemical FREE, Organic, incredibly comfortable mattress.
Blessings to you,   Sabrina W., Long Beach, United States


I am amazed at how worthwhile the investments have been to get our bed in the healthiest shape we could after years of discomfort and painful mornings. The buckwheat husk mattress is exactly what I was hoping for, undyed, unbleached, breathing, feel surrounded by nature. I ordered an additional mattress like this but a bigger size, wonderful customer service. The fabric feels to the body as if it gives energy back- that provides us with the sense of revitalization. The effect of these fabrics on our living environment encouraged us to get rid of every synthetic thing in our home.   Borislava L., Renton, United States

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